Moombahton 4 Bass Goodness

Posted on April 14th, by Randy Ortiz in Art, DJ, Experimental, Music, When Giants Meet. No Comments

Alright my Giants it’s Moombahton time! Every once in a while I find some of these dope bass tracks that I just have to post. I am going to start doing 4 track postings when I find some of that goodness to share, the last one is Drumstep but has a very similar feel to the genre. I found this graphic above while looking for something to post along with it since I hate doing them without visuals. It just so happened that it got posted on Generation Bass not too long ago, but I gave it a lil twist n edit… enjoy the music and hope you guys look forward to more Moombahton like I do!

By the way if your an artist that has some tracks I should take a listen to, send them our way. Patchy Moombahton – Sabo by djsabo
Dash – Moombahside by Dash Selektor
Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club (Brimmer & Yoshi P’s Moombahton Remix) by Brimmer
Requake vs. Roommate – Waterdrops (Wondawulf Drumstep Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD! by Wondawulf

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